Qualitas Energy opens new locations in Cologne and Stuttgart to strengthen local proximity with wind farm communities

07/09/2023 – Berlin

  • Qualitas Energy is now represented with 6 locations in Germany and emphasizes transparent cooperation with local stakeholders in the project regions
  • Commitment in the areas of white space analysis, greenfield, and repowering
  • Talent search for a sustainable energy future; Qualitas Energy actively recruits professionals to shape the future of renewable energies
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Qualitas Energy, a global investment and management platform focused on renewable energy, energy transition, and sustainable infrastructure investment, announced today the opening of additional locations in Cologne and Stuttgart, continuing its expansion in the acquisition, development, construction, and operation of innovative wind energy projects across Germany.

Qualitas Energy is already represented nationally in the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Wiesbaden, and Trier. The company is now set to influence the energy transition proactively and effectively, extending its impact to the surrounding regions of Cologne and Stuttgart. The opening of further locations goes hand in hand with the strategic alignment of successfully advancing the energy transition in Germany in close partnership with the communities and residents of the project regions. “With this strategic decision, we underline our commitment to the renewable energy sector in close and transparent cooperation with residents and communities,” states Borja Caruana, Managing Director of Qualitas Energy Deutschland GmbH. “We believe that a trustful cooperation with local stakeholders paves the way for sustainable energy developments.”

White space analysis, greenfield, and repowering

As part of a white space analysis, we identify specific areas that are suitable as wind energy sites but have not yet been considered in regional planning. At the same time, we are also dedicated to the project planning of new parks in designated areas within the framework of greenfield project planning and the repowering of existing parks, where the turbines are replaced by new, more innovative ones.

Lynn Wimmer, Regional Manager of Project Development in Stuttgart, expresses her excitement about the new challenges: “I am proud to be part of this dynamic team and to drive the Qualitas Energy vision in the Stuttgart region. With our commitment to repowering, green, and whitefield project development, we will make a significant contribution to the energy transition, and I am looking forward to being part of shaping this change.”

Recruiting talents to shape a sustainable energy future

The new German locations simultaneously offer interesting career opportunities in an inspiring work environment with a wide range of development possibilities.

Johannes Overbeck, Head of Business Development at the Cologne office, emphasizes the promising opportunities for job seekers: “Cologne is an exciting location for Qualitas Energy, and we are ready to strengthen our presence in this region. We are looking for highly motivated professionals to join our mission and shape the future of renewable energy together with us.”

Qualitas Energy Deutschland GmbH is part of the Qualitas Energy Group, which is committed to driving the change towards a decarbonized economy and focused on the acquisition, financing, project development, construction, and operation of onshore wind turbines with a team of more than 250 employees at its offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Wiesbaden, Trier and now also in Stuttgart and Cologne.

About Qualitas Energy
Qualitas Energy is a leading investment and management platform focused on renewable energy, energy transition, and sustainable infrastructure investment. Since 2006, the Qualitas Energy team has managed investments of more than €11 billion in renewable energy worldwide. These investments have been deployed through five vehicles: Fotowatio / FRV, Vela Energy, Q-Energy III, Q-Energy IV, and Q-Energy V. Qualitas Energy’s existing portfolio currently holds more than 5 GW of operating and development energy assets, including more than 3 GW of wind, more than 1 GWp of solar PV, 242 MW of solar thermal power (CSP), 180 MW of renewable natural gas, 108 MW of battery, and 60 MW of hydroelectric power assets across Spain, Germany, the UK, Italy, Poland, and Chile. Since 2020, Qualitas Energy has produced sufficient energy to power 1.54 million homes and, since 2021, has successfully avoided emissions of 1.32 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent. The Qualitas Energy team is composed of more than 600 professionals across eleven offices in Madrid, Berlin, London, Milan, Hamburg, Wiesbaden, Trier, Cologne, Stuttgart, Warsaw, and Santiago.